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The EIFS system is a thermal insulating external system with cork agglomerated boards (ICB) coated with a cork adhesive and VIPEQ® F08/F09 as a final touch.

It can be applied both in new construction and in renovation, both in isolated housed and in residential, commercial, industrial or sports buildings.

Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) and Cork, THE PERFECT UNION

With clearly superior ductility and the ability to withstand the high stresses that can lead to cracks, natural hydraulic lime (NHL) mortars and cork aggregates also have low resistance to water vapor permeability.


Energy saving

Up to 45% of the energy lost in a house is due to the walls (25%) and the thermal bridges (20%). Our product reduces heat losses in winter and cold losses in summer, saving up and reducing energy consumption because less energy is required to heat and chill the house.

Comfort and habitability

External housing insulation makes indoor temperature immune to day heat and night cold. “Cold” zone effect is eradicated. It builds up acoustic comfort, with less noises. It also reduces condensation risk in winter.

Environmentally friendly

In the European context where we all sign for environmental protection and reducing polluting gas emissions as well as energy consumption savings, being environmentally friendly is a common topic of interest and therefore contribute to the sustainability of our planet.


  1. Lime mortar
  2. Insulating board made of agglomerate cork / EPS / XPS
  3. Mechanical fixing + round covers
  4. Optional booster grid (glass fiber/jute fiber)
  5. Lime mortar/Cork Fix
  6. VIPEQ® F08/F09 finish layer
  7. Start profile (30-200 mm)
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